• Image of Aris San<br /> Boumpam / Dam Dam
Aris San - Boumpam / Dam Dam

Catalogue Number: FTN004
Format: 10'' / Digital
Release Date: 15.1.16

• A - Boumpam (6:42)
• B - Dam Dam (6:23)

Fortuna Records reissues a double banger by Aris San, the absolute don of the 'Greek Jaffa sound'. "Boumpam" was released in 1967 becoming an instant hit nation-wide. The track ignited the 'Greek Craze' which would dominate Israeli taverns for nearly a decade. Replacing bouzoukis with electric guitars, San gave Greek music a psychedelic edge making it popular with the in-crowd of swinging Tel Aviv. On the flipside, his 1972 tune "Dam Dam" is an equally infectious, ouzo fueled, dancefloor saga, demonstrating the absolute best of San's unique and influential style.

Limited press as always, DO NOT MISS!

Reissued by Fortuna Records, 2016.
Licensed courtesy of Koliphone Records & NMC Music.
℗&© Fortuna Records 2016.

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